An Advice on Windows

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For 35 years I had single-pane windows with wooden storm windows on my home. Every winter I had to put finger caulk on each window as well as attach plastic to keep out the cold air. It was a royal pain in the neck and I hated the process.

When I decided to replace the windows, I read all I could about windows in the magazines, particularly your magazine. I now know better than to believe what I read. You printed good things about Simonton windows and I called a salesman who was recommended to me.

The salesman of Simonton promised me the windows were air-tight and I would never need storm windows. This clinched the sale, to my regret. I now have 12 Simonton windows that not only need finger caulk in the top and bottom, but I must jam something on each side. I also must put plastic over each window or I would have lots of cold air going through the house. The effect on my heating bill is devastating to me. The cost of the windows is between $350 and $400 each. I called the salesman (he checked them), the man who put them in (he checked them), the company who sold them (a representative checked them), and a representative from Simonton (he checked them). They all came on a day that was warm and calm and stated there is nothing wrong with them. Since they are not warrantied, I can only tell my sad tale to every person in our senior citizen luncheons. We pass this information to other seniors and ask that they pass on the information to others across the country. It’s our only way of helping each other.

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Simonton windows are terrible. I wish I had my old windows back and the $9,700 it cost me for the 12 windows and the large window in the front.

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