1984 By George Orwell | Summary and Analysis

1984 By George Orwell | Summary and Analysis

The Novel 1984 was written by author George Orwell (1903–1950), who warns readers against totalitarianism, a system of absolute authority, which he imagined would occur a little more than three decades in his future

Human, Social, and Cultural Capital and Immigration Issues

Human capital, cultural capital, and social capital are three related terms used in sociology, economics, and other fields. In economics the word capital is often used to refer to money, goods, or other tangible (material) financial assets

Human Rights Its Impacts and Issues

Agreeing on what exactly are human rights and how they can be used by a person is a subject of debate among scholars, human rights activists, citizens, and governments all over the world.

War in its Worst Manifestation

Throughout history war has been one of the chief triggers for human migration. During armed conflicts some people are forced to leave their homes to escape physical violence, political persecution, or regime change.

Housing And Effects of Immigrant Housing

Securing adequate housing is a primary concern of newly arrived immigrants. According to the United Nations (UN) Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, adequate housing is “more than just four walls and a roof,