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Commercial Cyberespionage from China and Response of United States

The Scope of the Problem China is the world’s top perpetrator of commercial cyberespionage. Cyberspying usually focuses on trade secrets—financial, business, scientific, technical, economic, or engineering information that is more valuable because it is private. Patent, copyright, trademark, and technical data information are stolen as well. Chinese cyberthieves have targeted …

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What is Cybercrime And How to Prevent it

Cybercrime refers to illegal activity carried out with a computer or electronic device, including attacks on private and government computer networks as well as using a computer to target people or damage property. Common types of cybercrime include data theft, identity theft, unauthorized access, cyberstalking, and child pornography. The costs associated with cybercrime worldwide …

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State Elections Systems Remain Vulnerable to Cybercriminals

Election meddling may not have been the foremost matter on the president’s mind during his hours-long one-on-one with [Russian president] Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, where Putin publicly denied the findings of American intelligence and [US President Donald] Trump didn’t disagree. But Moscow’s interference in our national parties, political campaigns, state …

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Education and Rise of Multicultural and Bilingual Education

Introduction Immigration presents several cultural, legal, political, and economic issues within the field of education. Immigrants may have unique educational needs related to linguistic barriers and cultural and social alienation; different cultural practices and pedagogical standards in their new country; possible trauma or gaps in education due to the process …

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