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Industrial Pollution And Third World

As developing nations struggle with population growth, poverty, famines, and wars, their residents are discovering the environmental effects of these problems, in the form of increasing air, water, and land …

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Internet Access Is Treated as a Human Right, Why?

In May 2011, a United Nations [UN] special rapporteur declared that people had a human right to Internet access. It seems absurd to argue that such a right exists but it is the logical progression of the corrupting influence of leftist ideology on the traditional conception of human rights. It’s …

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Commercial Cyberespionage from China and Response of United States

The Scope of the Problem China is the world’s top perpetrator of commercial cyberespionage. Cyberspying usually focuses on trade secrets—financial, business, scientific, technical, economic, or engineering information that is more valuable because it is private. Patent, copyright, trademark, and technical data information are stolen as well. Chinese cyberthieves have targeted …

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Education and Rise of Multicultural and Bilingual Education

Introduction Immigration presents several cultural, legal, political, and economic issues within the field of education. Immigrants may have unique educational needs related to linguistic barriers and cultural and social alienation; different cultural practices and pedagogical standards in their new country; possible trauma or gaps in education due to the process …

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Mental Illness Awareness and New Research

  How to protect your Family from Mental Illness? This product is crucial for every home. It has following benefits: It Protects against EMF in your home It Shields you and your family from electromagnetic pollution It Neutralize the harmful effects of Smart Meters It Generates a protective field of over …

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