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Industrial Pollution And Third World

As developing nations struggle with population growth, poverty, famines, and wars, their residents are discovering the environmental effects of these problems, in the form of increasing air, water, and land …

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Human Rights Its Impacts and Issues

Introduction Agreeing on what exactly are human rights and how they can be used by a person is a subject of debate among scholars, human rights activists, citizens, and governments all over the world. According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR): “Human rights …

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War in its Worst Manifestation

Introduction Throughout history war has been one of the chief triggers for human migration. During armed conflicts some people are forced to leave their homes to escape physical violence, political persecution, or regime change. Migration during wartime affects the people who are forced to leave their home country, the countries …

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Urbanization Impacts and Issues

Introduction Urbanization is an increase in the number of people living in centralized cities and towns, typically accompanied by a flattening or decrease in the number of people living in rural areas. Although humans have congregated in urban centers since the earliest civilizations, the share of the world’s population living …

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Housing And Effects of Immigrant Housing

Introduction Securing adequate housing is a primary concern of newly arrived immigrants. According to the United Nations (UN) Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, adequate housing is “more than just four walls and a roof,” it is a fundamental human right of all people, regardless of their immigration …

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Statelessness Impacts and Issues

Introduction Statelessness is the absence of nationality. There are three forms of statelessness: an absence of de sure nationality (meaning no nation has expressly given nationality to the individual); diplomatic statelessness (meaning a person does have a nationality but his or her nation has not diplomatically protected the individual from …

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