1984 By George Orwell | Summary and Analysis

1984 By George Orwell | Summary and Analysis

The Novel 1984 was written by author George Orwell (1903–1950), who warns readers against totalitarianism, a system of absolute authority, which he imagined would occur a little more than three decades in his future

How Important is Money?

Economists are fascinated by the idea of importance of money as a social institution— an agreement among individuals—that, if we keep it, makes our economic  lives  better  and  allows  our  economies  to  grow  more rapidly.

The Truth About Chernobyl

The explosion of Unit Number 4 at the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Station, which took place 34 years ago, has come to symbolize many things: scientific hubris, the danger of the atom, and even the failure of communism.

Universal Basic Income

As income inequality increases in the United States, economists and politicians have proposed wide-ranging ideas for distributing wealth more fairly and ensuring that all Americans—rather than only the richest few—benefit from the nation’s resources, productivity, and technological advances.

Do Undocumented Workers Take Jobs from Citizens?

Do Undocumented Workers Take Jobs from Citizens?

The idea that undocumented immigrants take away jobs from citizens is easy to understand. With only a certain number of jobs available in an economy, any job given to an undocumented immigrant means one less job available to native job seekers.

Terrorism and Criminalization and Immigration as a Response to Terrorism

Terrorism is the use of violence, generally by non-state individuals or organizations, especially against political targets, to achieve political goals. Many high-profile terrorist incidents, such as the attacks of September 11, 2001, on the United States or the Paris attacks of 2015, involve international or foreign policy issues.

Human, Social, and Cultural Capital and Immigration Issues

Human capital, cultural capital, and social capital are three related terms used in sociology, economics, and other fields. In economics the word capital is often used to refer to money, goods, or other tangible (material) financial assets

Border Control and United States

Border control describes how a country regulates the movement of people and goods across its borders. The broad term includes both the legal framework that guides enforcement at national borders, as well as the implementation of that enforcement on the ground.